Water & wells

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink

Matthew 25,35

Sister Hatune decided, early in her aid work, that providing people with fresh water was absolutely essential; this would also help her to fulfill her other plans and reach the goals she had set. So the wells projects came to life. We are now digging approximately 300 wells every year worldwide, in cooperation with our local partners.


Unclean or contaminated water is still one of the biggest death causes in the world. The lack of drinking water leads to the absence of sanitary facilities, which results in wide spreading diseases. The building of wells in remote areas is a big problem, as the governments do not provide the necessary infrastructure.

The wells are built as common properties for several families. The cost for one well is about 550$. The name of the donor, who is sponsoring the construction, is put on a plate that is mounted to the well.


The Well Program

In 2005 the foundation reached an important milestone. With the help and support from the Indian government, we managed to establish 10 aid centers, able to help more than 2,000 families with the most basic necessities such as rice, wheat, sausages and fresh water from newly built local wells.

Together with local organizations, active women groups and local authorities, Hatune Foundation accomplished their goal in 2006, the support of 5,300 families. Many of these reside in the district of Kerala and along the Malabar Coast in the south west of India. These programs are running permanently since then.

Clean water saves lives. You can join the program: help your fellow men in other parts of the world to live a better life, to avoid diseases and gain more power – provide a WELL! One well with clean water for the really needy costs only US$ 550!




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