Help for people in the Middle East




Since 2007, the Middle East has been the focus of the foundations‘aid work. We help victims of the war in Iraq and Syria, providing aid on the ground in an area where people lack even the most basic necessities. Hatune Foundation helps internally displaced people and refugees, who live in neighboring countries.

The UNHCR, the refugee organization of the United Nations, is totally overwhelmed by the situation there. The worst-affected are the people living outside the official refugee camps, they are totally forgotten by the international community.

The Hatune Foundation runs aid projects in six countries of the Middle East, with the help of local chapters and organizations. We have established a transnational network, which among other things helps to bring aid into refugee camps, or to free Christian and Yazidi girls out of the hands of the Islamic State.

And there, amidst the terror of the Islamic State, we also find a Christian sister, Sister Hatune, distributing money and medicine, as well as offfering counseling to the many tormented souls. Together with her local voluntary helpers, she attempts to ease the terrible misery.


That sounds dangerous and a bit unpromising as well. What could a little sister do all alone inside a state of terror? Preposterous as it may sound, it is also very effective.

Sister Hatune has gained big public attention in the media for that. She wants to report permanently from the war zones, to bring awareness about the misery of the people to the West. Finally, she hopes to raise donations, to help more persecuted Christians and Yazidis, as well as other victims of violence and expulsion.




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