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The Hatune Foundation provides health care for poor families


I was sick and you visited me
Matthew 25

Healthcare is a very important issue for us. Up to now, the Hatune Foundation has provided care for 15,000 patients. We run health centers, where poor people can get medical examination and treatment as well as medicine free of charge. We also offer enduring treatment without any cost.

Preventive health care is still a dream for poor people. We believe that the support we provide to poor and sick people is a deeply spiritual and holy work. Many doctors from the big hospitals and from the regions offer their help in our centers for free.


Doctors from Europe work there as well. It takes a good heart, to donate for the poor and needy, but it takes a lot more to provide personal support in a selfless way.

In Nepal, for example, the foundation takes care of leprosy patients. Two rehabilitation center have been built, where 8000 ambulatory and stationary patients receive care every year.


Leprosy is widespread in Nepal, because people live with their farm animals together in one room, due to cold weather. Leprosy is a bacterial infectious disease, that must be cured extensively and timely. Therefore, a behaviour change is necessary.

To that purpose, the Hatune Foundation has built twelve community houses, all in rural areas. Here, the people are taught about leprosy, about its causes and about prevention – mainly hygiene. A problem here is the widespread belief in witchcraft and black magic among the uneducated people, making it often impossible for the medical helpers, to treat the disease at an early stage.



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