Education & Training

The Hatune Foundation provides education for poor families

And it came to pass, when Jesus had made an end of commanding his twelve disciples,
he departed thence to teach and to preach in their cities.
Matthew 11,1


The Foundation is convinced, that it is the right of every child to obtain a good education, and this should not only be the privilege of some rich kids. Therefore, we conduct various programs, to give children access to education. The advanced training program focuses on children that come from difficult social backgrounds. The foundation provides the tuition, as well as school uniforms, material, food and even the salary for the teachers, if necessary.


The target group is:

  • homeles and dispossessed children
  • street children
  • orphans
  • children from slums and illegal housing areas
  • children, that have been abandoned by their parents
  • working children
  • children, that are kept as slaves
  • children, whose parents are in jail
  • children from the pariah caste
  • children from ethnic minorities

Right now, 800 children are supported to go to school continuously.


The foundation’s next goal is the founding of a free gymnasium for poor people. Until now, attending a gymnasium was reserved for the more affluent parts of society. The school will be built on the compound of Tur Abdin Village, that belongs to the Hatune Foundation.


The Hatune Foundation conducts professional education courses for the poor, free of charge. Right now, there exist 23 of these institutions. They are acknowledged by the Ministry of Labour in the Indian government, and are supported by local high schools and universities.

About 2300 students get a free education each year. We believe, it is better to teach people to fish than to give them a fish.


Examples for these colleges are:

St. Michael Training Institute (Mor Malke) Chinagavanam, Kerala

This institute trains young women in sewing and embroidery with electrical machines. Another course trains young women on the use of computers. Upon completion of these six months courses, these women become highly qualified personnel. 120 students learn here full-time. After their graduation, they are assured a job in one of the nearby textile manufactories, or they work in a front office. The college does transfer contracts with employers in advance.


St. Augen Training Institute (Mor Augen), Vakathanam, Kerala

This institute offers training for electricians. The course takes nine months and is aimed at poor and disadvantaged boys. They learn how to repair electrical house installations, how to install cables, including the laying of bricks. Right now, there are 60 students, and they all get jobs in the area after their training.






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