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In this PDF preview, we present most of our ongoing projects around the world. In short terms we have tried to picture our activities, what we have done, what we intend to do. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We will be happy to serve you.

Mail us to “catalogue@hatunefoundation.com” 

What we do in different places

The Hatune Foundation raises funds for several projects throughout the world, like India, Nepal, Egypt, Iraq. During the last years (2013-16), many resources – finances, donations in kind, manpower – were channeled to Sister Hatune’s activities in the Middle East.

Hatune is struggling very hard against the persecutions of Christians and other minorities, such as Yazidis, in the areas, that are under threat of the Islamic State and other Islamic terror groups.


Projects for Women – Help for Self-Help

But still, a long time before the situation in the middle east exploded, education for impoverished people, especially women, was a great challenge for the foundation. The central goal is to help for self-help. We aim to create independency for the neediest women and their families. Hatune Foundation provides them with an education and material assets, a sewing machine or a cow, for example. The women are trained in sewing, and with the help of a sewing machine the basis of their small business is laid.


Here is what you can do!

You can help a poor family to make a living by financing a cow for US$ 110 (about 7400 rupees) or a sewing machine at US$ 70 (app 4400 rupees).

The Foundation also builds rehabilitation centers for the deprived, so the people under our program will have possibilities to rest and to recover after any disease. We strive to give the needy a possibility of being independent. Therefore, the Foundation promotes support for self-help. For us, this principle represents an expression of Christian charity, a compassionate response to people´s suffering.

To provide this, a special leadership figure was needed. Sister Hatune epitomizes this. She has dedicated her life to work in God’s garden, following the word of Jesus in the Gospel, according to St. Matthew: ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ (Matth. 25:40).

People feel her special commitment to this task. She can face unspeakable suffering with strength and confidence. Few aides of God are gifted with such human greatness. In this sense, Sister Hatune Dogan is quite unique.









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