Escape From ISIS

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The full story behind the scenes.

The film “Escape from ISIS”, released by Channel 4 on the 7th of July 2015, showed the dire situation of girls and young women held as sex slaves by ISIS. It also showed a network of local people, that try to free these girls, while risking their lives. The film, directed by Edward Watts, was conceived by members of the Hatune Foundation in Germany.

Sister Hatune Dogan has done relief work in Iraq and Syria since 2007, long before ISIS. Until now, the Foundation has helped more than 300 Christian and Yazidi girls. Edward Watts spent nine days in Turkey and Iraq with Sister Hatune and Dr. Rainer Rothfuß. Here Sister Hatune introduced Mr. Watts to her network.


Afterwards Edward Watts chose to completely deny any role to Sister Hatune and the Hatune Foundation in his film! Obviously it was a mixture of political correctness and an overestimation of his own importance, that made him decide to do so.

It is hard to believe, that Mr. Watts deliberately wanted to hurt the victims, whom already suffered too much. But unfortunately, his conduct resulted in a severe delay in funding for the relief organizations already working there.

The suffering of the captive girls has therefore been prolonged by several months.

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