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Selected articles and videos with Sister Hatune or the Hatune Foundation


EU has allowed “WOLVES” who threaten the West into Europe, Syrian nun warns

Daily Express, United Kingdom, October, 2016


Yazidi refugees in Germany find shelter at the home of a nun

i24 news, Israel, June, 2016


Yazidi refugees from Iraq in Germany

CBN News, USA, May, 2016


Yazidi refugees in Germany, STILL threatened by Muslims– Special Report

Extra Interview with Yazidi family

Ezra´s pledge for donations

Rebel Media, Canada, Ezra Levant Show, March, 2016


Political correctness about islam causing abandonment of ISIS sex slaves

Frontpage Magazine, USA, November, 2015


Situation in refugee camps dire as millions of Christians, Yazidis flee ISIS 

Breitbart, USA, August, 2015


The heroes to rescue ISIS’s core victims

New York Post, USA, August, 2015


Meeting refugees from Iraq in Germany

Hatune Foundation International, August, 2015


Escape from ISIS, feature documentary

Channel 4, United Kingdom, July, 2015

Background to the film in here


Persecuted Christian girls under Islam

The Glazov Gang, June, 2015


“America has the power to stop ISIS” – prominent nun says

Pulse, Nigeria, May, 2015


Nun: ‘Islam is ISIS. Whoever Says Otherwise Is a Liar’ 

CBN News, USA, May, 2015


Nun says ‘ISIS Is Islam; Islam Is ISIS’ (video)

PJmedia, USA, May, 2015


Erick Stakelbeck interview about ISIS and Islam

CBN News, USA, May, 2015


Interview with Frank Elstner – (In German, with English subtitles)

SWR (German public TV), People of the week, February, 2015


Nuns Slam Media Silence on Middle East Christian Persecution (Video)

mrc Newsbusters, USA, September, 2014


Christian persecution

Institute on Religion and Democracy, Washington D.C., September, 2014


Interview, including video about Islam in the Middle East

Gates of Vienna, June, 2014


Interview with Hans Erling Jensen about UN corruption

Right Hand Aid, Orlando, Florida, June, 2014


Christian persecution

Act! For America, Orlando, Florida, May, 2014


Day of action – Persecution of Christians – (In German with English subtitles)

The Sakharov Committee Vienna, December, 2013




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