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Dear Friends

Now, Christmas is ahead, and again, I want to go to the Middle East to spend Christmas with the refugees. Hundreds of thousands of people in the war zones of Iraq and Syria, as well as in the surrounding countries, are still living in great misery. In the Sinjar mountains alone, there are 32.000 Yazidi families, still living without any support in the ruins of the war, or in primitive tent camps in the wilderness.

What has happened last month?

Right after I came back from my last Middle East trip, which included a dramatical day in Aleppo, I spoke at a huge seminar, titled “Hot Spot Syria”. We were many speakers from various scientific and political disciplines. However, there was one issue we all agreed upon: A new approach, a new effort by the superpowers is necessary to end the war.

The time has come to grasp the inevitable truth, that the existing refugee situation, now completely out of control, is created by inconsiderate, bad politics!

A long time ago we in the Foundation realized, that if we want to change something for real, we cannot continue only to help the victims – we must stand up and speak our mind and work hard to be a part of transforming the ruling political consensus.      

In the Hatune Foundation we hope that the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States will bring changes. At least he and Mike Pence were the only candidates taking a stance on the issues of our aid work – the persecution of religious minorities, the refugee crisis, the situation in the Middle East. That is why we endorsed Trump in a video before the election. You can see the video and read our thoughts about this here.

Among the prevailing positive feedback on Trump, there have also been some critical voices saying: Why not concentrate on rescuing the victims? Why start a political fight?

My stance on this is: After so many years working in the field, I wish, that the politicians would listen more. So much energy and money spent by governmental institutions are wasted due to incompetence and corruption. The many real victims of war, persecution and violence, could, with only a fraction of this amount, obtain appropriate help.


The actions never stop…

Right now, the days are full of appointments. I travel a lot, holding speeches, giving interviews, meeting many, very different people. My good friend Joelle, who is living with us, escorted me during a busy weekend. You can read her travel report here.

I said at the beginning, that I want to go to the Middle East to celebrate Christmas with the refugees there. When I say celebrate Christmas, I don’t mean bringing toys and chocolate to the people. For me it is about saving lives.

We deliver your support 100% uncut, directly to those who need it most with no middle men in between. Please help us also this year to make Christmas a blessing and a holy time of hope for those who need it most.

Please donate here – and read about the campaign here.

Dear friends, I thank You from the bottom of my heart, that You take care and are a part of our work.


God’s blessing may be with all of You

Yours, sister Hatune Dogan and Team

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