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October 2016 updates!




Dear Friends

The last month was very much dedicated to aid for the Middle East. Especially the situation in Aleppo was a concern for us. The Syrian city, that is already hard-fought since May 2012, has become a hotspot of the war, all major and minor powers and groups are fighting for every square meter. This was also quite much reported in the media.

I am in permanent contact with my friends of our partner association in Aleppo, so I know, what the media are not reporting about. Now, I received a status report from first hand – a family from Aleppo visited me. They told me about the unspeakable misery of the people, that remain in the city, because they have no opportunity to escape. How the Christian district of the city is the safest one, but it is at the same time heavily attacked by all parties; because, as they say, “Assad protects the Christians.” You find the report here.

Even before that, we in the Hatune Foundation had decided to bring help to Aleppo. And I wanted to do this personally. Through the contact to our partner association, we saw an opportunity to bring some relief of the misery, to bring some hope. Our friends informed us very detailed, how and where we could help; and they gave us a survey about the political situation. Please read our background report here.

And then I went there. During my last trip to the Middle East, I also spent one day in Aleppo. What I saw, made me very sad, but also gave me great confidence in the work we are doing for all the suffering people down there; that we keep some of them literally alive. Please read my travel report here: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/my-attempt-to-bring-help-to-aleppo/

The Middle East was also the main topic in one of my lectures, this time in Kehl- Auenheim, Southwest-Germany. It was about the refugee crisis and Islam. This lecture was reported by many media outlets, including in the UK. The response was mainly positive, but also quite controversial. Already during the lecture, there was resistance against my blunt words; this later continued, in comments on Facebook and letters to the Foundation.

If some of you, dear friends, feel snubbed by my words, I can assure you, that this wasn’t my intention. I ask You to get informed; this being a difficult task in times of political filtered news treatment, I know. Because of that, we in the Hatune Foundation have entered the next phase of bringing our information platform to life. We want to give unfiltered facts from first-hand experience. We will keep You informed about that.

Please stay well-disposed to us, and if possible, support our work with a donation. For that, please go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/.


Many thanks!

May God’s blessing be with You all

Sister Hatune Dogan and team



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