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Dear Friend,

A New Continent – New Challenges!

Something really new happened in the last month for the Foundation. We opened a new project in a new continent! Not because we have time – but because we realized we had to.

In February, earlier this year, Sister Hatune had a visitor from Central America. Bishop Jacob Eduardo wanted to do something among the poorest people in his country, Guatemala. And he wanted us to join with him. So in April Sister Hatune went there – and she learned something quite new about the world we are living in: “When you believe you have seen enough poverty, and nothing can beat what you’ve already seen – then you suddenly find yourself in a place where the lack of everything is the rule and not an exception!” 


You can read everything about Sister Hatune’s trip to Guatemala and the outcome of it here: A BRAND NEW CONTINENT!

We really want to help those friendly but poor people of Guatemala. It is our first project in that part of the world, so please help us to make it a success.

Within few weeks we will launch our Spanish web-site. You can follow the work here:
http://espanol.hatunefoundation.com/inicio/acerca-de/ Please feel free to spread the good message.


The following is written by our Director, Hans Erling Jensen.

Sometimes we feel like we are fighting against windmills!

“When I was a child I always were fascinated by the story of Don Quixote and his esquire, Sancho Panza, and their fight against the windmills. As you all know, the windmills in the novel were harmless and not the dangerous giants that the poor knight, Don Quixote assumed. You can call it farfetched, but I often feel we are fighting against windmills, when we are trying to rescue and help the persecuted around the world.  

In these days, our continent has been the goal for millions of people, of which some are refugees and most are not. The majority of the “refugees” are people searching for a better or more comfortable future. And I cannot really criticize them for that. What we can criticize, and that is part of my job in the Foundation, is that many of our political leaders and our spiritual leaders lack the understanding of what’s behind it all, so to speak. They become the windmills, not dangerous in a violent way, but absolutely – in their misunderstood goodness in a world full of clichés – standing in the way for solutions that could help thousands of real refugees.

I have tried to describe the environment we maneuver in currently. Genuine refugees are not getting the help the world owes them, because a long time ago our leaders more or less have decided, that everyone who is capable to claim asylum, should have his or her case tried as a refugee.”

We hope you will take your time to read the article about this very frustrating situation. You can read it in full here: FIGHTING AGAINST WINDMILLS!   


Don’t forget: our BONA FORTUNA SCHOOL in Kathmandu is opening this month!

The Bona Fortuna School offers education for 50 underprivileged kids, between 5 and 14 years of age. You can read more details in our PDF brochure (page 9) here: http://hatunefoundation.com/pdf/Preview-2016.pdf

If you want to know more – or be part-owner of the school (1/100 for 200 US$) please donate and label your donation “BFS” – or contact Hans Erling Jensen at director@hatunefoundation.com

God bless You all from
Sister Hatune Dogan & The Foundation Crew


Through: Hans Erling


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