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 Juli 2016 updates!



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In the middle of June, Sister Hatune once again visited the refugees in Turkey and Iraq.

Christians and other minorities encounter every day, that Muslims are treated better in the camps, because the workers oft the UNHCR are Muslims; and they hear from their relatives, that they get treated badly in the European camps by Muslims. So the depression is total among them.”

Here you can read Sister Hatune’s own story:

The Israeli journalist Polina Garaev writes from Warburg

In Warburg, Germany, the foundation takes care of and accommodate more refugees from the Middle East. Late June the Israeli journalist, Polina Garaev, visited Warburg to interview Sister Hatune and some of the Yazidi refugees now living there.


“All Yazidi refugees tell the same horrific stories. Hasan, who escaped Sinjar after a year under IS rule, recalls how the radicals captured his cousin: “They told him, ‘you have to convert to Islam and if they say yes, you also have to give us your daughter.’ She was nine and in one day seven men raped her.” Another relative of his, 13 years old, died as a result of the repeated rapes.”

Read Polina’s heartbreaking article here:


Should support to political education facilities come from the government – especially secular governments like the Western societies?


This week, Denmark got a new school. An Islamic high school. Not everyone is happy with that decision. Steffen Mortensen, member of the board at Hatune Foundation Sweden wrote the following concerning the ongoing islamisation of Europe – and Denmark in particular, in this case.

Read Steffen Mortensens thoughts about that here:

And of course:
Don’t forget: our BONA FORTUNA SCHOOL in Kathmandu already has opened – and we need more sponsors for this out-of-the-war-zone-project!

The Bona Fortuna School offers education for 50 underprivileged kids, between 5 and 14 years of age.

Here you can read more and find out how you for only 5 US $ per month in 4 years can become a part owner (1/100) of our new school in one of the world’s poorest countries!

Please label your donation “BFS” – and we will contact you with more information.


Next Newsletter is planned to be published 20th of August 2016

All donations will be spent in its full amount to help the poor and the persecuted.

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