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Helpers we seek at the Hatune Foundation


Dear Friends,

we often get letters from dear people, who want to contribute to our Foundation’s work and share their skills and energy with us.

Normally, we get into personal contact with them, to find out what they want to do.

Now, we are turning the tables: On the “Information” page of our website, you will find the “Helpers Wanted” subpage, with information about the kind of help we seek. This is the direct link to the subpage, here

We are thankful for every help, be it also small. The page will be updated regularly.



Warburg, Foundation’s houses: Qualified electrician, installing, connecting cables

Warburg, Foundation’s houses: Plumber, installing pipes and radiators

Warburg, Foundation’s houses: Carpenter, setting windows, interior fittings

Warburg, Foundation’s houses:  Relocation and setup of a library, assembling bookshelves

Warburg, Foundation’s houses:  Creating a catalog of the library

Warburg, Foundation’s houses: Paintwork, renovating the Kindergarten

India, district Kerala:                   Doctors, especially Gynaecologists, for 2-6 months

If there is something for You, please write to us at:

You can also submit the contact form that appears below by completing all the fields. Do please tell us something about yourself and your skills.

Applications are welcome.

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