Twenty six years in the service for the poor

Hatune Foundation is a non-government relief organization, seated in Warburg, Germany. It provides relief projects worldwide, in 19 countries, independent from political or religious institutions. Booster clubs in extra 13 countries supply financial support. 

The foundation’s purpose is to help poor, vulnerable and persecuted people around the world.

The foundation operates through independently working local chapters and partner associations. They realize the projects on site. About 2000 exclusively voluntary workers bring the aid to the suffering people.

This ensures, that the most part of the donations go the needy, the foundation’s administration costs are very low.


About the founder


The founder of Hatune Foundation is Sister Hatune Dogan, a Syrian Orthodox nun born in Turkey. Since 1990, she has helped the poor and persecuted in many parts of the world.


In 2010 Sister Hatune received the Bundesverdienstkreuz, the highest medal of honor for civilians in Germany.

Hatune Dogan is born 1970 into a Christian Village in South-Turkey. She is the fourth child of ten, her parents are farmers. In 1984, the family has to flee the country, after Muslim neighbors threaten to kill her father. They flee via Belgium to Germany, the family settles in Paderborn. Hatune is 14 years old, then.

Two years later, she joins a Syrian- Orthodox monastery, but only under the condition, that she will be free to study and to teach, before she takes the holy vow to be a nun.

At the age of 18, Sister Hatune begins some higher educations, such as theology and psychology, she takes exams to be a nurse and a school teacher. After that, her relief work begins.


She is invited to India to hold a speech, and is confronted by the misery of the lowest class. Spontaneously, she decides to stay and to help. Back in Germany, she organizes a donation campaign. With that money, an orphanage and a convent can be built. This is the starting point of a whole life of “helping hands”.


The foundation’s work is based upon the deeds of Jesus

Four aspects are important here.

  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Loving
  • Teaching

Our initial work rests upon five pillars, for the poorest of the poor, we provide:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Drinking Water (wells)
  • Health Care
  • Education (schools and educational centres)

In these areas we provide help for people to help themselves. We build 300 wells for drinking water and 500 houses for the homeless every year, mainly in India. We supply medical help for 25.000 patients (mobile clinics, leprosy treatment). We provide education for 800 children, give a home for 300 orphans and education for 2300 people every year. We maintain 23 educational training institutes for electronics, computer and sewing in India, Sri Lanka and Africa.

And there are more important fields of work:

  • Support of refugees, especially of the many that come from Syria and Iraq right now.
  • Advancement of women, that are persecuted, suppressed and are without rights.
  • Support of victims of natural disasters.

For all these people deeply in need we try to secure their survival and get them a living in humane conditions. They get financial aid, relief goods and food.

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria and Iraq, the Hatune Foundation cares for girls, that were captives of the Islamic State (IS). Together with local organizations, we maintain a network of helpers, that give housing, security and comfort after their escape from IS. We care for the papers, to bring the girls to Germany. When they are there, they are accommodated in special houses, where they get therapy, language courses and education. The latter is paid by the German Government and backed by the Foundation.

Donations come to the needy

The Hatune Foundation is working as a helping hand for the poorest of the poor, without any religious constraints. A most important principle is the proper use of the resources. It is an important concern of Sr. Hatune, that all the donations actually come to the needy.

See, what’s possible with a donation:

  • $650 enables medical supply for 100 patients
  • $550 digs a well
  • $500 builds a decent house
  • $330 gives a cow, that co- feeds a family
  • $260 supply an orphan for one year
  • $8 per month supply a hungry family with basic foods        


We believe, that by sharing and through brotherly love, every deprived society can be transformed to a healthy, harmonic community without poverty.

We welcome You to join hands in this work. Dear reader, friends, believers, help us and support our work, following the word of Jesus:

‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’(Matth 25:40)


Main office - where Sister Hatune operates from

Legal name registered in Germany:
Schwester Hatune-Stiftung
Helfende Hände für die Armen
Az 211.15.21 04-516

(Sister Hatune Foundation “Helping Hands for the Poor”)

Web site

The administration of this web-site lies under the Hatune Foundation. 



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