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October updates!



October 26 – 2015

Wintertime is coming!

Like last year, wintertime will be here again and the many organizations working around the clock in the Middle East refugee camps once again will be challenged with cries for more warm clothes, more warming blankets. And this year even national organizations like UNHCR have severe problems with resources after the 50% cut down on monetary help recently announced from the UN head quarter.

And it is even worse for the very poorest, living outside the official camps in the area around the Shingal mountains. Here Yazidi refugees live in uninsulated tents, made of leftovers, like plastic and wood. They have a cold period ahead of them. Support our Survival Project!


We are happy to inform our US contributors about our new status in the US

During September we filed necessary papers to authorities in the state of Texas to become a registered charity organization. Today we are happy being able to announce the following:

We are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service, IRS. Their Pub 557 indicates that the effective date of our exemption will be retroactive to our date of incorporation, which is September 23, 2015.

In other words, donations made after September 23, 2015 to Hatune Foundation International are now tax deductible also for US residents. Read more!   


September  – October has been a hectic time for the foundation.

Travelling is a keyword for this period. Fortunately “marveoulos results” is the keyword of all we have achieved through all the voyages.

Late September Sister Hatune went to India on a two weeks journey with a Christian group from Europe. The aim was to present the foundations work over the last 25 years in and around Kerala at the Indian southwest coast.

You can read about this exciting excoursion here:

My own trip to New York was very valuable. During two weeks we managed to establish the US division. Read more about that here! Together with Debbie Andersson and Martin Rodriguez we managed to go through our most urgent activities in the near future to enable us to help the persecuted in the most needed areas of the world.


After coming home,  we welcomed one of our partners from Kathmandu, Nepal. Prakash Adhikari stayed in Sweden for 10 days, where we established a cooperation with schools and authorities about a new school project aimed for 50 of the most needy children – many victims of the 25th April earth quake – from the villages around Kathmandu. This project will be a part of the Bona Fortuna orphanage concept, recently incorporated in Hatune Foundation International. We also took us the time to visit Copenhagen and say hello to the little mermaid.

In the near future the foundation intends to increase the ongoing activities in Nepal, which also includes leprosy clinics, community houses and education of underprivileged women.


What is happening in Germany

Hatune Foundation now is making more houses ready for refugee residences. Soon we will have facilities for approximately 70 Middle East minority refugees where we can offer those who lost everything in the ME disaster accomodation, education and spiritual support. More to follow on that issue in the coming weeks. 

December 6th the foundation has invited politicians, people from the press, the local and regional authorities and of course the foundation’s sponsors and friends to an open house celebration. Here we intend to release a few new projects and of course go through the concepts we are and have been working with.

Germany and many European countries in these days have colossal problems due to the wave of immigrants overwhelming the continent. Helping really needy refugees to get out of the critical regions around the world has been very difficult – if not nearly impossible. Several public European institutions have simply collapsed under the pressure of millions of people crossing the borders into Europe.


Good things also happen!

This week we got the message from the leader of our people in Iraq, Sheik Khaire Ali Kobo, that they had managed to free yet another group of Islamic State prisoners. Thirtheen families – women and children – were brought into safety. We thank the Lord for this grace.


But still the winter will soon be here…..

Last year, we distributed more than 17,000 blankets to the areas where people have no other help than us, as described above. Help us to do even better this year.

50.000 families are without official help. At least we can keep them warm. We have set up a goal – one blanket to each of the families. We realize that this is rarely/hardly reachable, and changed our goal to: “as many as possible”!

You can help us reach at least that goal! Donate now!
One blanket is US$ 20 – that is all we need for warming up a freeezing family!

God bless You all out there!

For donations please go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/

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