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Dear Reader,

May 24 – 2015

A message from Sister Hatune to our supporters

First I want to send a greeting from Sister Hatune to all who has helped the foundation. Thirty dollars, ten thousand dollars and all in between – we are very grateful. The last months contributions has and will be spend on helping our sisters and brothers in need in the Middle East. Every single cent and penny goes to our projects for these unfortunate victims from this monstrous war Islamic State and other militant groups wage on the innocent people in this former Christian land.

“I do not believe that any single  person in the world has heard about so much evil, about so much suffering, about so much pain as I. The things I hear from people, especially the women that survived the most terrifying actions that the monsters from Islamic State have carried out and still continue to carry out are so horrifying that not even I can fully understand the cruelty made by human beings that on the outside look the same as us!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Sister Hatune









God bless you for your kind help!  You can read more here:


And then something else – the Prayers March in Orlando May 16 – 2015!

Valerie Price described it this way – Thank you for that Valerie. It was nice to be with you “over there”!

We came from Canada, Austria, Sweden, Germany – from Minnesota, Virginia and Washington to participate in and support the March for the Persecuted Christians. This is the second year it has been organized by Florida’s Esther Team led by the redoubtable Rev. Bruce Leister and ably assisted by Alan Kornman and Tom Hayes. And once again, we were blessed with the presence of Sister Hatune Dogan – the fearsome, feisty and formidable freedom fighter who inspires us all to keep knowing and growing and standing firm in Jesus Christ with spiritual passion and to remind us that there comes a time in every disciple’s life when he or she must make a decision whether our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is worth standing up for.

Christians are the most persecuted group in the world today and Islam has become the great persecuting religion of the modern age. The world seems to have no idea of the extent and brutality of it all. In virtually every Islamic country the persecution is profound – and becoming worse – NOT better. This is the most grotesque and consistent example of direct persecution since the Nazi holocaust.


Hatune Foundation expands to be able to provide more powerful aid than ever before!

Hatune Foundation has promoted Hans Erling Jensen to International Director with responsibility for communication, development and information strategy. Hans Erling will also coordinate future global activities regarding the presentation of Hatune Foundation on the international scene.

Hatune Foundation also welcome Debbie Anderson as new Coordination Manager for USA. We hope this team guided by our Sister, Hatune Dogan, will fulfill an overall wish from the foundations sponsors about more comprehensive information concerning the core aid-activities around the world, where Sister Hatune and the Foundation are present.

In October 2015 we plan to visit The United States and Canada again. The Foundation wants to present a special performance we call “RECLAIM THE WEST”! Sister Hatune and two of her really good friends from Sweden, Mona Walter and Ingrid Carlqvist will during a two and a half hours show inform and describe the circumstances in Europe after the migration “rush-hour” from North Africa and the Middle East. “Soon coming to a street near you!”

We will try to finance this American Adventure up front through Kickstarter, if we are not able to find an investor for this special piece. We hope to be able to cover all expenses through tickets and merchandising.

Donations for our aid projects will NOT be used to fund the show!


Many people have asked, “how many percentages we use for administration etc?”

The fact is, that like many other NGO’s in the relief environment we have a few special sponsors that support  us with our operational costs. That means, that your donations are spend 100% on the subjects that they are aimed for, and if it is free donations it goes directly to our running projects except from some few percentages that covers financial transaction fees.

For more details on this issue feel free to ask us by mail or telephone.


As you know, we are depending on private funds and we really appreciate your generosity.

For donations please go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/

You can also mail checks direct to the German address below.


Kind regards

Hans Erling Jensen
International Director


Administrator of http://hatunefoundation.com


Phone Sweden                   +46 707 85 57 50
Phone Denmark                 +45 31 51 20 46
Phone Germany                 +49 5642 9857 109



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