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Dear friend

Every time I write a newsletter aimed at you, on whose help we are so dependent, I feel that I act like a beggar that should know better. I know that is wrong. We are a small NGO, we do not get any government or official funding, so we need YOUR help. We will never get to know why, we are turned down by the government and their institutions – but we have a reasonable theory. Sister Hatune speaks the words that she – and we in the crew – believe to be the truth.

We are addressing the biggest problem causing the persecution of Christians and other minorities. It is not a secret that 45 out of 50 countries, where Christians are persecuted and forced to leave their homes, are Muslim countries. We work with the victims. We hear their stories. We know.

The hot European summer   

The summer here in Europe has been warm and normal – when it comes to the weather! Unfortunately, there were other things spoiling the atmosphere. The many terror attacks on European soil during the Muslims Ramadan have created a feeling of fear, never seen before.

The beheading of the French Catholic priest, Jacques Hamel from Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, followed shortly after by the mass killing in Nice, when a truck rammed into the crowd, had a huge impact on the public opinion in Europe. Many people, who previously never understood the danger of Islamism, suddenly realized that what they thought only happened in the Middle East, now also had come to Europe.

The Garbage People of Mokattam

Sister Hatune spent half of the month of July in Egypt. She travelled together with the Swedish journalist, Sanna Hill, to the Mokattam area where about 70.000 Christians live in massive misery. They work, sleep and conduct their lives amid garbage. They are victims of threats and harassment from their Muslim neighbors and for the best part of the last 40 years, these poor people have had to flee their home villages in Upper Egypt – just because of their faith.

Sister Hatune does whatever she can to help these forgotten and neglected people – but again, the Foundation work is limited to the amount of funds donated to us!

Read about Sister Hatunes trip to Egypt here:

The Yazidi-genocide

The Yazidis have been a part of the Foundation´s family. Although there are many more Christians suffering from persecution all around the world, the cruelty of the genocide against the Yazidis overshadows somewhat the miseries of our closest brothers and sisters. We simply have to help where help is most needed now.

We participated in a ceremony to mark the second anniversary of the attacks against the Yazidis in the Shingal Mountains of Iraq. In a moving service celebrated in Germany, the Central Council of Yazidis, located in the German city of Oldenburg, bewailed the still desperate situation of Yazidi refugees in Iraq, Turkey and Greece.

Sister Hatune has visited Shingal several times during the last two years and we reported extensively on her travels to the area. Our co-worker Anne Retzlaff participated in the event, representing her and the Hatune Foundation.

New report from the UN

A brand new UN report about the destiny of the Yazidis and ISIS´s brutality, published on August 16, 2016 makes disturbing reading.

The report is unusually detailed with more witness explanations than normal, however it does not hit the nail on the head, when it comes to the clarification of why ISIS does what they are doing. Quotes from the ISIS doctrine are used in the report to explain why more than 3,500 Yazidi girls and women were abducted and treated like sex slaves, concubines and worse, and more than 2,800 men were taken as slaves and forced to fight and kill for ISIS.


Earlier, we had announced our intention to open up an informative WEB-TV channel, New Times Today, in August of this year. Well, we are a little delayed on this issue. We want to make it work from the beginning and as of now, not all parameters are into place yet. At present, we are engaged in the search for external funding. Though aid work funds can´t be spent on opinion work, there is an interaction between them. Probably we will try KickStarter or Indiegogo if we are not able to find a private investor for this idea. http://newtimes.today


Once again, thank you for all your contributions, the persecuted people really need all the help we can give them.

If you want to donate or sign up for a recurring payment go to our web site: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/ or send a check to our office in Texas, USA:

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God bless You all from

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