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Dear friend

The last part of this summer was a time of retreat and contemplation for me. For the first time in my life, I had treatment at a health resort, because my body had been emitting some permanent warning signals. It helped me quite a lot. During that, I wrote on my new book about spiritual experiences, and I asked myself many questions. Will the war in the Middle East ever end? Will the fight inside the Islamic world totally encroach upon the West? Will Europe remain peaceful?

Many friends also asked us questions. After my last trip to Egypt, we received a letter from a dear friend and sponsor from the USA. She asked why the Catholic Church is building big and expensive churches in Egypt, while so many people there are still living in misery.

We took the opportunity to explain to all friends of the Hatune Foundation more about the conditions of our aid work. You can read it all here. How we, as a private NGO, get sometimes caught between all chairs of the big players in politics and church, and how in the end our help comes on bumpy, twisted routes to the needy.

If you, dear friends, also have a question, please write to us, as we are happy about your sympathy.

Time and again, we receive astonished comments of our friends from all the world, in personal talk as well as on social media, why Germany has let all the refugees into the country. And what is the matter with Ms. Merkel.

So we turned the tables: We wrote a letter to all our friends in the USA, to warn them what is ahead. We tried to give a state of affairs about the refugee crisis in Europe. So to speak from the front of mass immigration to the West. So that the USA can see, what it does to our continent – and learn. This letter here.

Even more difficult is the debate about Islam. About the separation of Islam and Islamism. If the Islamic State is somehow Islamic. How to deal with terror. An impressing example of the debate was delivered recently at the International Literature Festival in Berlin. The report about that here. There were apologists for Islam, as well as alleged neutral scientists.

Most impressing was the testimony of a man without a politically framed approach to the issue, but with on the ground experience: Professor Jan Ilhan Kizilhan reported about his work as psychologist and reviewer for a special program of the government of Baden-Württemberg, Germany; for 1100 traumatized female victims of the Islamic State, that are now in therapy in Germany.

I met Professor Kizilhan several times during my trips to the Middle East, in the refugee camps in Iraq. We have reported already about the great work, that he is doing. Together with our partner organizations, we helped him there. To many of the girls in Germany, I am in permanent contact.

I am very much happy, how we act in concert in saving and recovering those women and girls, that have been often sex slaves of the Islamic State. It is no wonder, that he too has a clear view about the ideological, religiously motivated background of the perpetrators. And I am glad, that there are more and more voices in the public debate that share our long held stances.

Dear friends, because we want to make the discussions even more prolific, but mostly because we want to help more people in need, we need Your support.

Please go to http://hatunefoundation.com/international  and make a donation to keep our work going.

Many thanks

God bless You


Yours, Sister Hatune Dogan and team

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God bless You all from

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