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Hatune Foundation International
Newsletter, March 2017


Dear Friends:

Every day we are fighting to help someone somewhere. The persecution goes on. Poverty expands and the fountains of help drying out slowly while we all are crying out for more support for the suffering!

Two months have passed since you´ve heard from us. In the meantime, Hatune has visited India, brought help to the Coptic Christians living in Egypt in extreme need and distress. In these days, she is helping out in Guatemala!

First trip in 2017 to India

But let’s start with Sister Hatune’s travel to India. As you well know, India is one of the focus points of help and has a running organizational structure of helpers for the foundation. The foundation property Tur Abdin has developed into a paradise.

The Hatune Foundation is also running schools that put out 4,800 seamstresses and IT workers every year. It is a chance for the poorest of the poor to give them the ability to work and earn for themselves. 

Sister Hatune visited the regional directors of the foundation, Jensie and Peter, who are responsible for five of the foundations computer and tailoring schools. They also take care of the medical camp, housing and water-well projects in the region. Her plan is to run more medical camps, distribute medicine, build houses and wells and to distribute financial support to those who are unable to work.

Building up a network of helpers and supporters, also financial support is important. Roy Paul, the former chairman of Air India came to visit Hatune in Tur Abdin and was eager to get some information about the Middle East and on her last day in India she went to see the Bishop in Kottayam. 


In February visiting Egypt

The second travel of Sister Hatune was to Egypt. Here she helped the Coptic Christians living in extreme need and distress in the garbage district in Cairo as well as the persecuted Christians in the Wadi Natron. The Medeor Hilfswerk supplied her with medical devices and medicines valued at 15,000€.

In a remote place in the desert she was also able to meet the Coptic Pope Tervadoros and a congregation of monks. Hatune gave them money to distribute in the whole country a very effective way to reach the needy and poor in Egypt without travelling the whole country by herself. 

Last stop on her travel to Egypt was the Wadi Natron, where Christian families are living who had to flee from their villages oppressed and persecuted by followers of the Muslim brotherhood. Every day Christian girls are being kidnapped and abused on their way to school, or undergo a female genital mutilation forced upon them by Muslim women.

In the Wadi the foundation is now building houses for these families. On this trip Sister Hatune could help more than 12,000 people directly! The donations went directly to the needy, they did not vanish in complicated organizational structures.


And all the other things including the United States of America

Our help to the Middle East continues and in these days Sister Hatune is visiting Guatemala where we are expanding our activities for the poorest, more about that in April.

I myself visited the United States during January and achieved a lot together with our American partners. You can read about the trip to USA here:

Also, our activities in Nepal are expanding. In these weeks we are moving our orphanage and school, the Bona Fortuna project, into bigger facilities where we have the possibility to increase our help. Joelle Perry, who has been visiting our German head quarter for a couple of months, has been working some weeks for the kids in Kathmandu and here you can read in her own words how she experienced our work there: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/the-bona-fortuna-project-in-kathmandu/

Dear friends we still need your help – we depend on it. Without you we would be unable to bring hope, knowledge, necessities and whatever we provide for the real needy out there.

Please go to our donation page and make it possible for us to continue our work for the needy. http://hatunefoundation.com/international/


Blessings from




Hans Erling Jensen on behalf of sister Hatune Dogan and Team…

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