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Sister Hatune has already been in the Middle East three times this year although we only write April 16. And the amazing lady is already there again in these days – for the fourth time in 2015 – right in the witch’s cauldron with her suitcase stuffed with necessities for the needy.


A global review

When you look out over the non-western world it looks like Christians in many places are being chased just because they are Christians. Unfortunately it also seems like many Christians in the more peaceful western world do not pay much attention to this more or less organized half-global genocide.

Many churches in Europe, for instance, spends a lot of recourses hiding illegal asylum seekers from Islamic countries like Somalia and Afghanistan, embracing the local imams and defending their unlimited right to build new Saudi financed mosques on European soil. It is hard to understand these activities, when you see how Christian brothers and sisters – and other minorities to be accurate – are treated by their muslim neighbours all over the Islamic world.

Is it really the meaning of life, that we shall embrace our enemies before we help our friends? It is hard to believe, even if you stretch the word of Jesus to its uttermost bearing.



Christian refugees from Pakistan in Thailand

Nevertheless, there are some few fireballs here in Europe who never gives up the struggle for justice for the persecuted. A few weeks ago, when sister Hatune visited the middle east she had company of German professor Dr. Rainer Rothfuß from Tübingen, who is a well-reputed human rights activist working for persecuted Christians and refugees wherever they are.

Professor Rothfuß is a remarkable man that seems to be everywhere at the same time. His struggle for needy Christians has no geographic limitation. One day he is in the Middle East trying to help people where they are, the next day he is in Bangkok, Thailand aiming to help the thousands of Pakistani Christians there!

The Christians who fled Pakistan to avoid the hostile muslim community back home, and came to Thailand, did not know that even if they achieve approval as “official world refugees” from the UNHCR, they are still illegal in Thailand and have no legal rights at all. Everyday they live in fear of being arrested by the police who, during the last three months, has carried out several campaigns against the Christian refugees from Pakistan.

Two weeks ago professor Rothfuß visited Bangkok where he spoke the case of the Christian Pakistanis there.

One of my friends, a well-known Pakistani photographer, Sunny Gill, is one of the refugees staying illegal in Bangkok together with a few family members on the run from Pakistani islamists whom he has offended in his home country. Sunny’s sister in law was recently arrested by Thai police as illegal and Sunny wrote me every day and cried out for help.

Although it is on the other side of the planet, we managed to get Rainer Rothfuß and Sunny together and it ended up with that Sunny’s sister in law was bailed out with the help of another Pakistani refugee living in Germany, Sabatina James, who for years has been working for the Pakistani and muslim women’s right from her base in Europe.

The little help we can provide, and that for us seems like a drop in the ocean, is for those who are the victims of the world’s injustice, a blessing from God.

I have a report about the Pakistani Christians prepared by the Human Rights organization Jubilee Campaign, in cooperation with Farukh Saif Foundation, Prof. Dr. Rainer Rothfuß (Internationale Gesellshaft für Menschenrechte – Germany) and Andrea Tokaji (Fighting for Justice Foundation – Australia) If interested I can mail it to you upon request.

You can download it here: http://hatunefoundation.com/uploads/Thailand.pdf 


The Middle East disaster

But what is Bangkok and Thailand compared with the disastrous mess in Syria and Iraq? How helpless are not the people in the endless refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey where hundred thousands of Christians, Yazidies, Caldeans are caught between their former normal life and a future so hard to spot through the daily struggle and despair.

We who are working for Hatune Foundation have no solutions. What we can do together with our friends and partners – like professor Rainer Rothfuß and others – is to provide common necessities and a little bit of comfort to the suffering.

Then we can gather strength through the fact that we have been able to save many people, who never had had the chance, if we were not there. And how few they are, measured against the ocean of people that need support, should not distress our efforts. We have to focus on those we help, those we give a hope for the future. In other words, be cheerful for our results, not dejected by our limitations.

Hatune Foundation – Helping Hands For The Poor – depends totally on You and other donators and we can assure you that all means are used for the best to help needy people of flesh and blood where ever they are.


Web-site updates!

You can go to our web site and read the short report by Carl Noneman about what is happening right now, and what we intend to invest in for the future: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/activities-in-the-middle-east/

Right now we consider a project in Germany that includes 40 young girls – Christians and Yezidies who all have lost their entire families and have nothing left except their traumatized lives! They – if anyone – really need our help!

Besides our activities in the field we intend to establish a treatment center close to the Foundation in Germany with professional help from the German society.



Prayer March Flyer side one1

The Prayer March in Orlando May 16 2015

May 13-18 Sister Hatune will be in Orlando to participate in the Prayer March for the Persecuted Christians & Jews the 16:th of May in Lake Eola Park. The march starts 4:30PM and the event goes on to 8:30.

Elisabeth Sabbaditch-Wolff, Debbie Anderson and myself [Hans Erling Jensen] among others will be there together with Sister Hatune. The organizers expects more than 2000 participants this year.

We are all looking forward to seeing you there if you have the opportunity to come. We need to stand together to express our view of these devastating world issues and send yet another wake up call to our sleeping politicians, so they will be aware what’s happening to our brothers and sisters around the world!

For further donations go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/



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