20-06-2015 Newsletter


…a personal letter from Sister Hatune



Dear Friend,

Warburg, Germany, June 20 – 2015

First of all I want to personally thank you for your interest in the Foundation. You maybe already heard I have been in the Middle East several times this year. Lots of Christian families lives in refugee camps there and need help for their daily necessities. Many also struggle with severe physical conditions due to the hardships they have lived through during their escape from Islamic State, Al Nusra and other Muslim militant groups, which have made Iraq and Syria impossible places for Christians to live.

I have also helped many Yezidi girls and women whose destiny in many cases have been far worse than the Christian’s because of their low rank in the Islamic view.


I have together with our local teams been able to help nearly 300 of the most  exposed and vulnerable women who have escaped the war mongers. Several of those are now in Germany getting crucial professional help from doctors and physiatrists.

As my Swedish friend and associate, Hans Erling, wrote earlier; every single cent and penny is used in our projects for the unfortunate victims wiped from their homes in this former Christian region. In a short time we will have the conditions ready for all who already are, or intend to be, a child  sponsor in the Middle East area.

The 29:th of June I will go back to visit the needy in Turkey and Northern Iraq. As you may be aware of, our projects in Nepal, India, Egypt and other countries in Africa are fully operating maintained by our local chapters and their supporters.

For me in this time, I feel one hundred percent obligated to help the poor people who are chased from their homes and properties in the region where Christianity once had its cradle and which now seems to be forever dismantled.

Sometimes I wonder how long people can stand to hear about the cruelties going on daily in this violent part of the world. When do our sisters and brothers who live in safety in the West or other places on Earth give up their hope, that there is anything to do? I can understand if some of you think “what will it help”!  But let me tell you that for the people I meet, the men, women, children and especially all the abused girls, that I and our teams are helping – for them your help and your concern means everything. You are an important part of their recovery, and that is what I concentrate on. I know you cannot, I cannot – no one can – save the whole world. But those we save will never forget and we will definitely never regret!

In our last letter I wrote the following:

 “I do not believe that any single  person in the world has heard about so much evil, about so much suffering, about so much pain as I.”

That is knowledge that makes me even more eager to carry on, never to give up, no matter how hard it is, I know we make a difference.

Please help me once again to provide relief and offer a better life to those who need it most and God bless you for your interest and concern for me and our hardworking foundation.

Kind regards


Sr. Hatune Dogan
Founder of Hatune Foundation – Helping Hands for the Poor & Needy


For donations please go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/

To read more about the persecution of Christians go to: 

Kind regards

Hans Erling Jensen
International Director

Administrator of http://hatunefoundation.com

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