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We all wish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! 


Dear Friend

Try, just for a moment, to imagine that you are all alone. You are outside, suffering in the cold. You have lost your family, you are hungry, thirsty, freezing, hurting, and you have only a last glimpse of hope left. You walk along the dark streets, see the lights coming out from the houses, and you knock on the doors until your knuckles bleed, but nobody opens to let you in. Your heart too, is bleeding. Then, once you’ve finally given up, you sit down on the corner and someone comes up to you, brings you in, feeds you, gives you something to drink and a place to sleep, and gives you hope for a future. You were alone in your darkness, but now have experienced the love of Christ. 

Although this scene may appear fabricated and exaggerated, it is not. On the contrary, it is the reality for most of the people we do our uttermost to help. You can, furthermore, add war, violence, persecution, and all other malicious concepts you can evoke for the moment to this plight, and then you have a broad idea of the faces that The HatuneFoundation’s brings urgent aid to, and it is our goal to lift them up out of the pit they are in, to full restoration of life.  

It is because of our shared work together, for these – the least of these, that there is a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for us. Sister Hatune made her Christmas visit to Turkey, Iraq and Syria just last week, and she will be in Ethiopia fromDecember 16 – 23.

Refugees from Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, and so on, chased from their homeland without belongings, many have lost their family are stuck in temporary camps or other miserable communities – often located in hostile environments. In the midst of the chaos, the UN department (UNHCR), which is aimed to take care of the neediest and the most vulnerable refugees, claim they are out of money and means.

We often wonder, why the lack of resources is lesser transparent and lesser outspoken regarding quota refugees of Islamic origin, while for tens of thousands of refugees and persecuted minorities (mainly Christian), both purse and borders are closed.

These unfortunate people are now totally depending on help from minor NGO’s, which are not ruled by international authorities. The Hatune Foundation is one of those organizations.  

To be able to continue our fight and be there and be prepared when the persecuted need us, and to bring aid to the starving, freezing, and sick, WE need YOU to support our work. In other words, with your help we can continue to be where the need is biggest and help most desperate, and to a greater degree!   

In December we had a lecture for several politicians in Warburg: Read more here! 

Go to our website and donate – all amounts are appreciated and blessed.  
DONATE: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/donate 

We further on more than 95% to the needy. 



Yours, sister Hatune Dogan and Team

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Published by
Hans Erling Jensen
International Director
Hatune Foundation

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