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September updates!


Dear Friends,

September 16 – 2015

Things happen – even if we think everything moves to slow


During August we have worked hard helping in the Middle East. The film  “Escaping from ISIS”, that was published in July, presents the work that the crew of Hatune Foundation accomplished in Northern Iraq rescuing Yazidi women and children. This film has opened many more eyes for the cruelties being carried out by the Muslim jihadists in Islamic State, and also shown that there are some people, that willingly put their own lives on the line to help the victims.

Also the Christians have suffered enormously during the years ISIS expanded their cruel activities in the area. Many Christians now have ended up in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Northern Iraq, where they practically need everything to live, as the UN in many places has given up to bring in enough aid of all kinds.

In the last newsletter we wrote about our activities and the results we achieved. This got us on the front pages of New York Post, Breitbart and several other American media. We are grateful to Professor Dr. Phyllis Chesler, who really has promoted our course in the USA.



It is obvious that our utmost need is money to provide the needy families with food, shelter, medical help and get their girls out of captivity and slavery.


And then Sister Hatune got a letter from Pope Francis! You can read it all here!

hatune pavebrev1


Last week we officially established the Swedish branch of Hatune Foundation. (More on our web site about this)

And soon we will be opening a US based office in Texas

Many Americans have approached us and asked with what they can help. We have therefore decided to establish an active working association in the US to get closer to our many contributors and get the opportunity to meet and share our work and our experiences with our brothers and sisters on the other site the atlantic ocean. In late September, the foundation’s International Director, Hans Erling Jensen, will visit New York, and hopefully he will manage to give this project a good start in NY.


More details on this issue will follow later. If you want to know more about this, please contact Hans Erling Jensen.


Sister Hatune has recently visited the Middle East. You can read the latest travel report from Sister Hatune at our web-site.

And here are her own words about the nearest future:

The Christians in this region desperately need protection. My petition to the Europeans and Americans is not to look away idly. There are no good expectations for the minorities, especially for Christians and Yazidis. The latter still have a refuge in the Shingal mountains, but not the Christians, they are all without a home. They are searching for places, where they can live in safety. Everything is very, very sad and unbearable for us at the same time. The West is supplying the powerful groups with weapons and is empowering the persecutors by that. The minority groups, Christians and Yazidis remain unprotected.

Soon, I will return personally into the Middle East again, to give them the most necessary. For example, we have to hide the girls, that were freed from ISIS before they can leave to Europe. So, to make all this possible, we ask You kindly for a donation.

Thank You very much in the name of all the poor and persecuted people for your help.

May God’s blessing be with You

Sr. Hatune Dogan

Kind regards



For donations please go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/

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