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Dear friends,

Sister Hatune is in India. She spent New Year’s eve there celebrating together with all our friends working to give people a better and richer life. That is what we do in the foundation, try to help the most vulnerable in a harsh world. 

Read the latest travel report narrated by Joel Perry from our lovely village, Tur Abdin, in Kerala here:  http://hatunefoundation.com/international/we-have-arrived-in-india/

In December, Sister Hatune visited our people in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the gap between the many poor and few rich people in this country is huge. And so, we had set ourselves the goal of giving a Christmas present to the poorest of the poor this year. The Hatune Foundation in Ethiopia is headed and organized from Dubai, but on the ground, the structures are formed step by step by our volunteers.



The last three years we have spent most of our resourses helping and healing the victims of ISIS. Every day during that time, we hoped that the cruelties, the violence, the torture and the persecution of the innocent would just stop. Instead, the terror has now moved into our neighborhood, all over the world, and nobody seems able to stop it.

Maybe because 2016 was such a frightening and blood-soaked year many journalists started to see the reality surrounding them. During a lecture in August for conservative politicians in Germany, Sister Hatune shocked the Christian audience, launching the following statement:

“Europe has let in the wolves, and the sheep are still abroad!”


According to the most well-known Christian organizations, more than 100 million Christians worldwide live under conditions, that we, without exaggeration, could be described as imprisonment or a life under continuous oppression and tyranny. 

We are aware that no one – not even under the best conditions – can help all these people at a snap. But the situation right now is worse than ever before because the borders to the West during 2016 have been hermetically closed for the most vulnerable amongst us.

In the future…

We have to change the situation for those who really need shelter, and therefore 2017 shall be the year where we in the Hatune Foundation will concentrate on giving relief to the persecuted wherever we find them! The world society strongly needs to pass action against the persecutors and act to help the persecuted. Prayers alone will not solve the desperate situation.

In the foundation, we worship the truth and the freedom that follows with the truth. For too long time it has been associated with serious personal risks only to describe the reality as many people grasp it. One could lose his job, family, friends or position in society if he or she stands up against the politically correct beliefs. 

We are very pleased to realize, that now there are leaders in our surroundings, who feel obliged to warn others about what is going on, and are willing to back and defend those who already have shown the courage to speak up.

For Sister Hatune, born in a Muslim country and forced to leave it as a child because of her faith, the situation in Europe is not new. She loves Germany who welcomed her and her family when they most needed a refuge and she feels for the many of her fellow compatriots and other persecuted minorities, now kept out of Europe and security because of the overwhelming migration of people seeking a better material life!  

Our intention is to spread information about the persecuted and how the world can help those who really suffer from persecution. We will focus on the source of the problem and how it inflicts the global institutions who year after year receive billions of dollars from the world society to provide help, without doing much else than burning money!

Our wish for the New Year is, that you all out there will support our case and make it possible for us to – together with you – achieve our goals about changing the life for the persecuted. One at a time as we say, knowing that our resources are limited – but effective!

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Yours, sister Hatune Dogan and Team

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