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 January updates!

First of all, on behalf of Sister Hatune and the Foundation, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and also express our gratitude for your xxx USD donations during 2015. Without your help we could not have achieved our goals and helped so many needy people as we have been able to this year, which has been a really catastrophic period as you well know.

These are turbulent times, a lot has happened since our last newsletter!

Open House in Warburg

On the 6th of December, we had our day of open house in Rimbeck-Warburg. The event was a big success for us. So many people came to get informed about the work of the Foundation and our activities. Several members of politics and the press were also present. The new houses, which will be home for refugees from the Middle East and places for education and recreation, were of course special of interest for the guests.


If You want to read more about a particular project, feel free to download our new brochure, the 2016 Preview .

Iraq & Syria

Right after that, Sister Hatune went to the Middle East, to Iraq and Syria. Her main goal this time was to bring supplies to the Christian and Yazidi refugees in the Shingal mountains. They still live in terrible misery, struggling for their lives, since their expulsion by the Islamic State (IS) in August 2014. Sister Hatune and her local team brought them food, clothing and especially warm blankets against the cold winter. More about that in my comprehensive travel report here: Iraq & Syria – December 2015


In Iraq, she met the Baba Sheikh, the pope of the Yazidis, in Lalish. That is his residence and the highest sanctuary of the Yazidi religion. According to an old tradition, Sister Hatune brought him a lamb as a gift. After a cordial and intense exchange of ideas he accepted her invitation to Germany. We are happy to host him in Warburg for some time now.

Short after the arrival of the Baba Sheikh, Sister Hatune left for her annual trip to India. There, she have to control all the ongoing projects, to foster and better them. New projects have to get started also. Together with Ewa Samvik, from the Swedish organizations board of directors, she visited all the places, to meet the responsible persons involved. They met donors, politicians, lawyers. It was a time stuffed with work, and the days are often not long enough. Also because the trip will be shorter this year – an important thing demands Sister Hatune to be back in Germany.


The  refugees in Stuttgart, Germany

Right after her return on the 20th of January, a team from the American TV station CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network, see http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/) intends to make a news report about former captives of IS and their new life in Germany. It will be about some young men and women, that were freed from IS and brought to Germany by the help of the Hatune Foundation.

In Germany they get therapy and education. Sister Hatune has regular contact with them, and they tell her all about their needs and sorrows, also about their joys and hopes in their new homeland. We are glad to be able to help them achieving a normal life!


So much for now, in a nutshell. If You want to know more about our aims for the ongoing year, please see our new colored 16-page brochure, the 2016 Preview .

Please enable our work by making a donation here: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/

A special Thank You to all our generous donors – we could not have done so much without your great support!


God bless You all from
Sister Hatune Dogan & The Foundation Crew


Through: Hans Erling


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