15-07-2015 Newsletter



An urgent appeal from Sister Hatune
in Iraq!


Somewhere in Northern Iraq, July 15 – 2015

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you from Iraq. This is my fourth trip to the Middle East this year. It is also the most depressing. Everywhere I move around, I feel people’s untainted and unfalsified fear!

I need 15,000 dollars ASAP for a critical cause.


My people and I need your immediate help here. Not for ourselves, we are safe. However, we have an urgent mission right now.

We need to bring 30 girls and women, mostly Yezidies, into safety. Islamic State hold them captive. Our aim is to get them out of Iraq and bring them safe to Germany for relief. The estimated costs for this operation is US$ 15,000. Unfortunately, my foundation does not have this amount in this critical moment.

I know you have been generous during this period of tragedies caused by Islamic State and their affiliates. It is like the horror never stops. Sometimes it feels like I am working in the dark and I have to convince myself again and again, that I alone cannot save everyone to put an end to all the suffering around me. But I know, in my meetings with all these poor people, especially women and girls, who have experienced things that most of us cannot imagine in our darkest fantasies, that for the few we manage to help we are the life bringers and we are the hand of God that touches them in their despair! That is enough for me to know, to stand up in the front line with no hesitation.

In Germany, we have invested in space for these girls when they come to Germany. We are working hard bringing our plans into reality. Treatment and accommodation in a safe and secure place is essential for these traumatized creatures. My heart cries for these sisters. All of them have lost most of their male family and their confidence in right and wrong.

Please help me to help!

I know I am writing today the 15:th of July under a very emotional stress. It is hard to explain what is really going on here, where I am today.

Two days ago, I received an e-mail from a Christian woman in California. She wished that I would burn, because I have said that ISIS is Islam and Islam is ISIS. I tried to explain to her, that if she ever where here, and if she ever had experienced only a fraction of what I have seen and what I have heard, I believe she would understand why I in moments express myself so frankly.

Please help me once again to provide relief and offer a better life to those who need it most and God bless you for your interest and concern for me and our hardworking foundation.

Kind regards


Sr. Hatune Dogan
Founder of Hatune Foundation – Helping Hands for the Poor & Needy

For donations please go to: http://hatunefoundation.com/international/

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