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Happy Easter!

Dear friends,

The Easter time is a very special time for Christians. During the Holy Week, Jesus’ death and resurrection are thought of, and the Hatune Foundation wishes you, our friends, supporters and donors a peaceful Easter celebration.

We mourn the victims of the latest attacks in Stockholm, and especially in Egypt, and we pray for the Coptic Christians, who are relentlessly persecuted in Egypt like in the entire Middle East. Here, too, I tried to help the poorest of the poor in the rubbish dump in Cairo, as well as in the desert where the Christians had fled.


My last trip took me to Central America, Guatemala and Mexico. Here, many people, especially in the country, are living under poorest circumstances. The foundation therefore focuses primarily on the construction of schools and health centers to combat illiteracy and provide medical assistance to the people.


Next month, I’m going back to Ethiopia to help the poorest of the poor. Here we already built a network of helpers that we want to improve – also thanks to your donations, which we still urgently need.


Here is some important information to our donors who use Paypal. Paypal has changed its policy and in some countries you have to enter more information. So if you want to transfer a donation it looks a bit more complicated, this is for your security. We can assure you that our account has not changed and that it is not a fraud.

Reflective Easter days with the blessing of Jesus Christ




Sister Hatune and her team


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