Protein bars - Experts reveal unbelievable results

Some are low-fat, others are vegan, some are gluten free, and others have a variety of flavors.

Many protein bars are made with soy protein, almond protein, whey protein, soy lecithin, or other proteins that contain a large amount of gluten. These ingredients should not be in your protein bars, but if they are, they should not be all combined. Many people get upset when I talk about a protein bar that has wheat flour, soy lecithin, and other gluten. If the ingredients don't contain a substantial amount of gluten, that is okay and that person can choose which protein bar is best for them.

My advice to anyone that wants to make an order:

I will make the protein bars for you at home, using a protein powder that contains no gluten, no wheat flour, no soy protein, no corn syrup, no sugar, no soy lecithin, and no eggs. I will package the protein bars and ship them to you by registered mail.

I hope that this is helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

My first name is Lulu, and my last name is Lipsky. I am a licensed dietitian, nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer.

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